Yo-Yo a Huge No-No!

Yo-Yo a Huge No-No!

Yo-Yo a Huge No-No!

Most of us have experienced amazing weight loss results after sticking to a diet and exercise regime for a few months. But then all of a sudden something happens, we stop the diet and we put all that weight back on. Then a few months later we deicide to get back into the fitness regime to drop some kilos. This is called Yo-Yo dieting or weight cycling and I’m sure it sounds familiar to most of you reading this. The main reason people experience this is because they see weight loss as a project rather than a lifestyle. Nearly all of us need to change our attitudes so that we see the health benefits of clean eating rather than just the aesthetic benefits. This way it becomes apart of our lives causing the weight to stay off for good.


Yo-Yo diets just don’t work because they only last as long as your determination lasts. This type of diet doesn’t give space for compromise, it is very strict and challenging and that’s why 99% of people give up after a few weeks or months, if they can last that long. This can really affect someone’s confidence and self-esteem as their weight fluctuates so does the way they view themselves. They may feel ashamed or disappointed that they couldn’t keep the weight off. This can also lead to feelings of depression or anxiety. It’s really a downward spiral from there because this in turn leads to comfort food and binge eating. Another reason why Yo-Yo dieting is not healthy is because it messes with our metabolism and hormones. Some people experience metabolic damage after years of Yo-Yo dieting. This is when you reach a point where you just can’t lose weight anymore. The metabolism becomes stubborn and the only way to fix it is by reverse dieting.


So the question we all have on our minds is how do you keep the weight off throughout the whole year. Well it’s all about making a lifestyle change rather than trying to achieve a short-term project. The key is to create a method that you can continue long-term. Clean eating for example, is not a diet but a reference to leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s about a balance between clean eating and unhealthy foods. Clean eating is an ongoing and long term goal.


You need to redefine the relationship you have with food, rather than giving your body what it feels like, give it what it needs. Then if you have been doing really well you can reward yourself with treats every now and then. Start off small by slowly changing your eating habits and then every few weeks take that next step to clean eating. Try to put your health first, rather than your tastebuds.

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