Fabian“Seek Elite Fitness classes are different from the rest because Joe actually wants to develop your abilities. He puts in effort so that we are constantly challenged. The most enjoyable part about the bootcamp is that while we are working out, there is humour thrown in, as well as listening to mad beats yo. I would recommend the bootcamp to others because it is a great way to stay healthy and get fit, and it’s held in a great location.” – Nathan Fabian


JesseWhat I find different is the exercises are both challenging and fun, rather then just doing grape vines all night. The most enjoyable aspect is the friendly atmosphere and the challenges. I would recommend Seek Elite’s boot camp to anyone who likes exercising outdoors but actually wants to push themselves and get results.” – Jesse Motteram


What I find different about Seek Elite’s bootcamps compared to other bootcamps that I have intended is the intensity of it. Being military inspired it really pushes you to limits Stephthat you didn’t even know that you had. It suits all fitness levels, ensuring that people who do not exercise as often as others or are not as fit as some can still comfortably do the class which I think is extremely important. The most enjoyable aspect of these training sessions for myself is being part of a team. Every single person there becomes part of your team and is there to help you out, they sort of become a second family to you. The regular people that come to Seek Elite bootcamps make me laugh and I always have a good time with them, and knowing that we’re all going through the exercises together and all encouraging each other makes it that much more enjoyable. I would 100% recommend Seek Elite bootcamp classes to new comers. You’ll always be doing something different which means it will never get boring and you’ll be welcomed into a team full of people who are trying to achieve the same things as you. Seek Elite is not like a regular bootcamp, I can guarantee that if you come and try it out you will definitely come back. With an excellent pt, amazing bootcampers along side you, new exercises every time, different sorts of equipment you will not be disappointed!” – Steph McLean


MeThe thing I find that’s most different about Seek Elite’s boot camp classes is that we get to use lots of different equipment. We’ve previously used tyres, sandbags and rope as part of the exercises. It doesn’t just claim to be a ‘military-inspired boot camp;’ it really lives up to its expectations! The most enjoyable aspect is the diversity of activities. Each class is never the same as the last, but they’re always challenging. It’s great, because even though you’re completely buggered afterwards, you know that you’ve achieved something. I’d recommend Seek Elite’s boot camp classes to newcomers because we’ve got such a supportive group. Everyone is very encouraging, so it doesn’t matter what level of fitness you are at, you’re sure to have fun!” – Sam Martin