Small Group Personal Training

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Small group PTGet your body back to its very best with Seek Elite’s specially designed programs.

  • Do you struggle with motivation?
  • Do you like to work out in a safe friendly environment?
  • Would you like to keep your training cost effective?
  • Do you have friends you would like to share your fitness journey with?
  • Are you seeking support and help to achieve your goals quicker?
  • Have a goal but not sure how to approach it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Peak Performance Package is perfect for you.

- You will always be supervised by an experienced qualified trainer that has your best interests and goals in mind.
– The semi-private personal training environment will keep you motivated from not only your trainer but also your peers.
– Our sessions are cost effective, so it doesn’t matter if you are a student this is still a viable option for you to achieve optimum health/fitness.
– Whether you are just trying to lose a bit of weight, trying to gain muscle, training for an event or you have a cheeky 6 pack ab goal, we have the perfect training and program to suit you.
– If you don’t have friends to train with, we will meet you up with like minded people so you can share your goal.
– All sessions are catered for the individual this means it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is we have something right for you.
– Learn the way to exercise and eat correctly so you can maintain your weight levels.
– When we train our clients we always have the end in mind, meaning we will train you to achieve your goals not give you a cookie cutter session.
– We provide all our clients training in nutrition so they can know their own body.
– We test and measure your progress so you know what you are achieving.