Santa’s Guide to Self Control This Christmas

Santa’s Guide to Self Control This Christmas


Santa Claus is the biggest culprit of overindulging during the Christmas period. We all know that big round belly has come from eating too many cookies and drinking too much milk on Christmas Eve. This year however, Santa is trying to lose a little weight and has decided to share some of his Santa secretes with you, to help you avoid the bloat, weight gain and hangovers this Christmas period.


Fruit pudding, ginger bread, candy canes, turkey stuffing, potato salad, roast ham, there are so many yummy things to eat at Christmas events. Except you know that if you overindulge at every event, especially Christmas dinner, you will be feeling the gains.



So Santa’s Step 1 is to focus on the people instead of the food. Just like Santa who has decided to focus on talking to his Reindeer instead of eating cookies, you should concentrate on the people around you instead of the desserts. Talk about anything other than the food and overindulge on the conversations, rather than the food.


Santa’s Step 2 is to drinks lots of water and always have a glass in hand. Santa has decided to tip out the milk and fill up on water instead. Have a big glass of water before you eat and sip water throughout the event. This will make you feel fuller for longer. Plus by always having a glass in hand, you will stay distracted from the food.


Santa’s Step 3 is to eat before the event. Santa has decided to fill up on some turkey breast and veggies before he delivers presents. By eating some healthy foods before the event you will be too full to overeat at the actual event.


Santa’s Step 4 is to cut back on the alcohol. Santa is going sober this Christmas but he recommends that everyone should cut back on the alcohol. Have no more than 2 glasses of your chosen drink, as alcohol can impair your ability to control what you eat. Plus you won’t have to endure the Christmas hangover the next day.


Santa’s Step 5 is to choose wisely from the food selection. This year Santa has decided to choose only the wholegrain cookies left for him. Before jumping for the dessert, fill up on the healthy foods that the event has to offer first and then enjoy one or two small pieces of dessert.


Most importantly Santa recommends you be merry and enjoy yourself. Find a balance between the healthy foods and the non-healthy foods. Still eat and drink what you want but in moderation. If you can find a balance, your Christmas will be much more enjoyable.

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