Have you Fallen off the Bandwagon?

Have you Fallen off the Bandwagon?

Have you Fallen off the Bandwagon?

Do you find yourself hanging out at home eating chips on the couch, laying on a crumpled up gym shirt that had all of your new years resolution dreams attached to it? If you answered yes you have probably fallen of the bandwagon. But Wait, you haven’t failed yet. Find out how to get back on track with 9 tips for motivation.

1. De-clutter yourself. Sometimes its hard to concentrate on all the things we have going on in life. Setting a single fitness goal to get you started is the best way to maintain commitment. Make a progress goal rather than a end goal, such as work out for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. It may not seem like much but at least its something.

2. Make small decisions that lead to large decisions. Make it easy for yourself to complete your healthy eating or fitness goals. If you aren’t in the 100% committed mind frame any excuse will do. The easier you make it for yourself the more likely you are to succeed. Small steps = Large journeys over time.

3. Be Prepared – Lay your gym clothes out ready to go the night before. Pre-cook a healthy lunch. Always carry a bottle of water.

4. Track your progress. Take your initial measurements and make sure you are improving monthly. A great way to do this is to use fitness apps that record your nutrition and exercises. This will keep you accountable to yourself.

5. Decide- Find out exactly what you want to achieve and then make the decision to do it.

6. Commit- Somedays it will be harder than others. There are times when you will want to quit. Those days are the days you need to exercise hardest. You need to become the master of your journey and take control.

If it doesn’t test you it won’t change you. 

7. Tell somebody your goals- You don’t need to announce it to the world or post it on Facebook but its good to let someone know so they can help you battle through the hard times. Find a supportive group of friends or partner and confide with them about your goal.

8. Consult a professional- If you are unsure how to tackle your goal ask a trainer or coach to point you in the right direction. Ask their opinion on obstacles you may have and get the answers for your situation specifically.

9. Armour Up – Don’t let your family/friends/peers opinion stop you from trying. So many times excellent health goals have been shot down by people who are only trying to protect us. Stick to your guns, Get a plan and Take action!

Get off the couch, Get your gear on, Get to the gym/park/field and get into it!!

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