8 reasons we are Different from your average Personal Trainer!

8 reasons we are Different from your average Personal Trainer!

Not all personal trainers are created equal! Unfortunately in the Personal training industry there is no set standard.

It is important to choose a trainer that is right for your needs, that can help achieve your goals, that has a proven track record.

So, Why choose us?

What is it about Seek Elite that makes us different from the rest of the pack?

Number one principle Do No Harm

When we train our clients the number one rule for planning our sessions is to Do No Harm, this means taking more time carefully programming a workout that is specific for our clients, taking into account fitness goals, injuries, past training experiences and flexibility/mobility issues. We will always offer you a safe environment to workout in and a program that you feel comfortable with/ understand.

Market leading assessment and screening tools

We have access to medical grade assessment equipment that will give you the real results. Our system uses ultra sound to determine fat thickness and muscle density as well as calculate metabolism and energy intakes. This is important when designing a fitness/nutritional routine to ensure effective results.

No first session smashings

Our first session isn’t about how much we can make you hurt. We have all been to/seen a trainer that wants to smash out 10 000 burpees in the first sessions and talk about how sore you will be tomorrow. Our first session is based on movement analysis and gaining strong efficient patterns. We want to know how your body works, its weakness and strengths before we try to add heavy weights into the mix.

Programs are designed specifically for each and every client

We are not a one size fits all program machine. Every body has differences. Each individual will need different exercises sometimes to achieve the same goal. Our sessions vary to suit the individuals needs. This ensures the most efficient path to achieving results.

Our focus is on improving movement ability and efficiency

Its all about the solid base foundations. Our focus is to help your body to move in the most efficient manner and reduce risk of injury/pain. We do this by analysing the body’s movement and assessing strong/weak muscles. From our findings we develop exercises to strengthen weaknesses and achieve balance.

We Guarantee our service

We are confident our service is outstanding. This is why we Guarantee to you 100% of the time you will be satisfied with our sessions. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, your sessions is free of charge and you will also receive an additional complimentary session to gauge our improvements. We offer this because we believe in our standards and you should have the very best we have to offer.

As professionals we are constantly developing our skills 

Weekly our trainers are brushing up and honing their skills to bring you the best science based information for your sessions. We strongly believe in personal development so our clients can achieve the best results. This isn’t just a job to us, it is our passion and we take great pride in our abilities.

We are happy to work along side other professionals (osteo, physio, doctor) 

Sometimes certain things are out of our scope. This is why we are happy to work along side other professional services to make sure you are getting the best results in the safest way. If you do have an underlying issue we can work with your doctor to develop a program that suits your needs best.

Our goal is to help create strong, efficient, effective movement patterns and increase our clients quality of life through strength training.

If you have any questions/concerns or would like to book an initial session  Email joe@seekelite.com.au

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