4 ways to keep your fitness motivation pumped up this summer

4 ways to keep your fitness motivation pumped up this summer

11225746_1684441861796486_4046303879506924520_nIts November and summer is just around the corner. Already you have started making excuses for why you didn’t achieve your goals again this year. Do any of these sound familiar?
– I don’t have time
– Too Tired
– No motivation
– Medical emergency
– Dog had to go to the vet
– your a superman space-astronaut cowboy who is being deployed to the moon tomorrow

Ok so maybe not that last one but you get the picture.

Here are a 4 ways to stay focused and make some headway on your fitness goal:

1. Enlist a training partner – the best thing about having someone to train with is when one of you loses motivation usually the other one has some. Its a lot less likely both of you will feel like absolute crap 100% of the time. If you find this is the case, maybe look for a different training partner.

2. Join some kind of challenge to get the ball rolling. Its motivating knowing that you have a set schedule to adhere to and targets to hit. Another bonus is usually the challenge work outs are all planned for you so its as easy as turn up and shut up. It needs to be noted that long term fitness is definitely not about finishing your training at the end of the challenge. Having good fitness and health doesn’t end just because the 8, 10 or 12 week challenge is over. Make sure you keep on the fitness “gainz train” to maintain those awesome results you have just worked so hard to accomplish.

3. Throw yourself in the deep end – Sign up for something outside your comfort zone e.g. obstacle course races, marathons, ultra- marathons, trail runs, the first human journey to mars (once again probably not this one but you get the idea). This gives you somethings to shoot for, it puts a timeline on your goals and makes you get serious about achieving things.

4. Get some direction – Have you ever had so much to do that you have no idea where to start? The fitness journey can feel the same. Sometimes its worth asking a professional for some guidance or a plan to get you started. How do you eat a 10 kg burrito? My suggestion would be over several weeks but the logical answer is one bite at a time.

Obviously these aren’t the only answers to keep you focused but if you have nothing else these are a good start.

If you are totally lost and have no idea, get in contact with us and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Now get out there,
find the train to maximum gainz,
wait patiently on the train(cant stress the patiently enough here, this is never a short journey). Arrive at station.
Receive maximum gainz.

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